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Lile Wellness is dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of our patients to help guide them through an often-confusing mix of traditional and alternative medicine treatments. Our practice is designed to improve patient longevity, diagnoses of complex issues, consultations with patients' medical teams and provides trend line analyses leading to individualized holistic solutions.

Building on a patient's medical history, in-depth analysis of blood work and private consults, Lile Wellness blends targeted use of supplements and prescriptions, precision medicine and genomic testing to create the optimum and customized care plan for every patient. Because nobody else is like you!

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A doctor who FINALLY gets it! After 12 years with Hashimoto's and severe gut issues and hormonal imbalances, I found a doctor who understands ALL of it and knows how to fix it! She is who I have been looking for, for 12 years!

-Saranne R.
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Concierge consults.

The French word concierge means “caretaker”, making it the perfect descriptor for the type of focused, in-depth attention Lile Wellness patients receive. Dr. Laura Lile is both an acclaimed MD and also a renowned pharmacist. She has helped many patients realize breakthrough medical solutions as their trusted partner guiding their pursuit of health and wellness.

Before each consult, blood work lab orders are generated and patients visit a local lab, such as Quest, a doctor’s office or go to one of the Lile Wellness office for a blood draw. Blood work results and medical history are carefully analyzed and then reviewed in detail during each consult. The periodic consults and blood work reviews are key to optimizing each patient’s plan of care and recommendations to build a foundation for years to come.

Consults can be conducted by Telehealth, phone or at one of the Lile Wellness offices.

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Bloodwork analysis.

Dr. Lile and her trained medical team are experts in analyzing blood work lab results over periods of time. As problem solvers, they are highly skilled at piecing together historical data with an eye towards metabolic activity trends and treatment for a wide range of issues including; age management through hormone replacement therapy, and cosmetic services, weight management, disease management and balancing nutritional deficiencies addressing complex health conditions.

Patients receive their customized plan of care based on such blood work trend analysis and supplements tailored to each person's unique medical needs.

Bloodwork analysis
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I've been a patient of Dr. Laura's for over 20 years. I'm currently 51 years old and I feel 30! I've been taking my supplements faithfully during this time and it's changed my life! Dr. Laura and her entire staff is truly the best! Kind, caring, patient, loving and professional!

-Debbie Y.
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Experts in longevity.

We emphasize your health span, not your lifespan!

As we age, many of us discover health issues that begin to impact the quality of our daily lives.

Lile Wellness can analyze how fast or slow your body is currently aging on a cellular level through advanced epigenetic testing. We use cutting-edge technology utilizing current longevity strategies and research. Your results guide recommendations in lifestyle and integrate a supplement regimen that will have a positive impact on your body’s aging process.


Regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine focuses on discovering therapies that support the body to facilitate repairing, regenerating and restoring itself to a state of health and well-being. The right therapies can prompt the body to enact a self-healing response. These advancements in patient care across a wide range of medical specialties point to new solutions to expand and maintain optimal health and quality of life.

We can provide targeted treatment of cell signaling agents that are powerful in assisting the body facilitate cell-to-cell communication. This means you can re-activate cells that may have gone dormant or amplify senolitic actions. Some patients see improvement in muscle and injury recovery, skin elasticity, cognitive function, immune system, and sleep quality.

We leverage a wide variety of cutting-edge treatment modalities including peptides which can be administered via injection, nasal spray, topically or orally.

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