Dynamic, personalized healthcare focusing on longevity and quality of life.

We are longevity experts utilizing cutting-edge science to provide dynamic, personalized health and wellness solutions to our patients. Using precision medicine and DNA testing, we customize care to every patient.

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Customizing care to every patient.

We dig deeper into understanding your medical history and lifestyle, knowing you like a partner would.

As a registered compounding pharmacist with decades of experience, Dr. Laura Lile offers her patients prescriptions and supplements that are made specifically for what your body requires. No two body chemistries are alike. Your medication should be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Does your healthcare need a partner? Contact us to begin your journey to total health and wellness.

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Our Approach

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Consultations in office, by video, or by phone.

Make an appointment by emailing pc@lilewellness.com or call the main number 678-381-1420. We work with patients by telehealth, by phone or in one of our offices.

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